How would you “Respond” to this?

Two words:  Respond Seating.  Cherryman Industries has great products and one of their series is the respond seating they offer.  They have three versions of this chair: Respond 1.1Respond 2.1, and the Respond 3.1.






All of these chairs have a really comfortable meshbacks.  There are so many options to create the perfect ergonomic fit for you.  Do you have a mesh back chair?  If so, do you find it very comfortable and ergonomic as much as I do? I really like this chair and have no problem working all day in it, while sitting at my computer.  The knee tilt feature is great on the 3.1 , as well as the lumbar support so I know I am receiving ergonomic support during my work day.  Think about getting one!!

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How do you feel about the word Global?

Global can mean many things, but one thing that definitely stands out to me is Global Total Office.  Their chairs are fabulous!  They have a lot of ergonomic and comfortable chairs that last.  One chair in particular that I am a fan of is the Granada Chair.  There are 35 different models of the Granada!  Can you believe that?  You shouldn’t have any problem finding a model that fits you, or even another Global Total Office chair.  They haveso many different chairs, and those are just the ergonomic and task chairs.  They have executive leather, guest, and multi-shift and heavy duty chairs.  The Granada has adjustable ergonomics with great lumbar support to alleviate neck and shoulder tension.  The seat moves up/down and forward/backward to go along with the seat tilt-lock control to suit your comfort needs.  Some models even come with a push-button control to make it easier to adjust the ergonomics of your chair.  Here are a few models of the Granada Chair:

Global Total Office also has a division of more affordable chairs through their Offices To Go division.  They have some great mesh task chairs that seem to be very popular as well as ergonomic and incredibly comfortable.  The Mesh Manager’s Chair is really comfortable and has great ergonomic support as well, especially for the busy bees who have long hours of sitting at a desk or in front of the computer.  The mesh is so breathable and the base is very durable.  See? Great form and function goes hand-in-hand here!  So, take a look at these websites, and read about them for yourself!  I would definitely recommend these two chairs, and plenty more from Global Total Office and Offices To Go.

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9 To 5 Vesta Chair

Are you looking for a high quality ergonomic mesh chair?  If you are, you should definitely take a look at the Vesta Chair from 9 To 5 Seating.  It has a great modern design with a great high quality mesh for the seat and back.  Other models of this chair come with a fabric or leather upholstered seat, but I personally like the all mesh chair.  I am actually sitting it in right now.  There are a ton of adjustments, but that is what makes the chair so ergonomic and tailored for just about anyone.  It comes in a mid back and a high back version.  Both are super comfortable, so take a look for yourself:

This chair really does think of just about everything with the seat slider adjustment, so your seat can move forward or backward, and the arm adjustments.  I love that the seat angle can be adjusted because depending on your height, the seat adapts to your needs.  The arms are multifunctional in order to put you at ease in any position you would like to be in your chair.  The Vesta Chair from 9 To 5 Seating is really a chair that everyone should try out if you have been searching for a fantastic ergonomic mesh chair!

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Is a Eurotech Office Chair Right For You?

Eurotech Chairs


If you spend many hours of your day sitting at a desk, your office chair is one of your most important pieces of furniture.  Carefully choosing the best chair can make a world of difference to your industrious body.  What kind of chair are you sitting in now?  Is it supporting you adequately?  Are you slouching?  Are you comfortable?  Do you feel like a top executive?  One of the highest rated chairs in the industry is Raynor office chairs.  Here are some tips to keep in mind when shopping for a new office chair such as the eurotech brand that raynor produces.


Vapor Office Chair by Eurotech FE22VAPTiger Series Chair

What kind of flooring do you have in your work space?  This will affect what kind of casters you look for.  Most traditional casters are suited to a carpeted office, so you if have an alternative floor covering you may want to look for casters that are suitable for your floor.  Before you purchase a chair, ensuring you understand how much assembly is required on your part will help you avoid a moment of panic when your new office chair is delivered to you in pieces.  The material the chair is made out of is another important trait to consider.  Expensive leather chairs might be the most attractive, but they are also hot and sticky.  A cheaper, more comfortable choice is a synthetic fiber, natural fiber, or eurotech mesh chair.  Along with the material of the chair comes the comfort and padding of the seat.  Since you will be sitting on it for quite some time, you will want to be sure it is comfortable to do so.


The proper position sitting in an office chair is feet flat on the floor, with your thighs horizontal, and your arms even with the desk you are working on.  An adjustable eurotech task chair can help you achieve the correct height.  Also be sure the depth of the seat is small enough that you can sit with your back against the backrest.  An ergonomic chair is of no use if you are perched on the edge of your seat.  Back and spine support is a very important part of a good chair.  Eurotech chairs with adjustable lumbar support are essential for preventing back pain.  A flexible backrest is a nice benefit, but be sure it has a locking mechanism to keep it from going too far backwards.  Office chairs that swivel are helpful for busy employees who need to reach different areas of the desk without straining.


There are many different models of eurotech chairs available.  By deciding which traits are most important for your needs, you can ensure that you will get the office chair that makes your work environment as pleasant as possible.  If only you could choose and purchase your own boss the same way you pick out your chair.

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Comparison of Mesh Office Chairs

Mesh office chairs are some of the most affordable, comfortable, and durable chairs on the market.  If you are looking for a new office chair, an ergonomic mesh chair may exceed all your desires.  However, looking for a chair can be somewhat overwhelming with all the many choices available.  Here is a comparison of six of the most popular mesh chairs available.


Eurotech Ergohuman ChairFirst there is the Eurotech Ergohuman Mid Back Mesh Chair.  One of the coolest perks about this chair is all the different colors you can find it in.  It also has more ability to adjust than other chairs.  Back angle, back height, seat depth, arm height, and tilting capabilities mean that this chair can basically be formed to be as comfortable for you as possible.


The Respond 1.1 Mesh Back Ergonomic Office Chair may not offer the adjustability of the Eurotech, but it is in a class of its own in terms of durability.  With a heavy-duty, star-shaped, caster base, thick padded contoured seats, a mesh back, and sturdy arm rests, the Respond is a long-lasting yet still very comfortable choice.  It does offer some adjustability as well with a knee-tilt mechanism, height adjustable arms, and depth adjustable lumbar support.


Eurotech FuzionAnother possible choice could be a Fuzion Ergonomic Mesh Chair with headrest.  This chair is the tilting king.  Synchro-tilt, tilt tension, and tilt lock make this black mesh chair practically a recliner.  Well, maybe not, but it is a comfortable mesh chair.  It offers the extra benefits of a fully adjustable head rest and a coat hanger on the back too.  Fitting right into any modern office scene is the Mesh Back Managers Chair.  It features polished chrome arms with padded arm rests offset by black mesh fabric for a chic and relaxing package.


How would you like a chair that automatically adjusts itself to your body’s contours?  That is exactly what the Liberty Conference Task Chair offers.  Cradling your spine like a newborn baby, the Liberty is a sleek look with no levers or knobs.


Office Star Air Grid 5500The Deluxe Latte Air Grid Back Managers Chair is not nearly as attractive as the other chairs mentioned here, but it isn’t meant to be.  It is an ergonomic mesh chair for those people who just want a practical, comfortable, mesh office chair.  Still offering some adjustability, lumbar support, breathable mesh seat and back, and a heavy duty base like the others, the Deluxe is the only chair mentioned with oversized casters.


So which sounds best to you?  The adjustable Eurotech, the durable Respond, the tilting Fuzion, the modern Manager, the automatic Liberty, or the practical Deluxe?  With so many choices for a mesh office chair that will give you durability and comfort, you are sure to find the perfect chair for your needs.

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Respond 1.1 Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

One of our most popular office chair continues to be the Respond 1.1 Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair. The Respond Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair is designed and manufactured by Cherryman who is also known for their well made and designer office desk. The Respond Chair not only offers a comfortable mesh back but also has a unique modern look.


Respond Office ChairRespond Office Chair

View our video demo of the Respond 1.1 Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair



Purchase The Respond 1.1 Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

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